Friday, 26 June 2009

The house a couple of months ago...

I want to show you my first steps in the world of dollhouses :-)
My dollhouse was built by my father. He likes working with wood and create things from our own plans, and when I told him I wanted a dollhouse, at first he was wondering, and said, I was too big to play with those things. :-) Then I showed him the beautiful dollhouses on the internet, so he understood why I wanted to do that - I don't want to play anymore (only in a few years, with my children :-) ), I've found only a new hobby what I want to discover.
(You see, my English isn't very good - I'm very sorry for the mistakes I made.. Leave a comment if you find something awful :-) )

So, here is my dollhouse :

I've already painted the outer walls and the ground floor. I want it to look like a traditional German house. (You can find a lot of photos at Google if you search "Fachwerkhaus")
I need wallpapers for the first floor. I think I'll paint some copy paper sheets, and glue them on the walls, or I'll try to find packing paper with very small motifs.


  1. Hello Kata,
    There are no dollhouse shops here in New Zealand either but if you use your imagination you can create most things easily!
    All the wallpapers I have used in my dollhouse are 'real life' wallpaper with tiny prints.
    Your English is very good!
    I look forward to seeing the progress of your dollhouse, have fun!

  2. What a lovely house your father build. Love those round windows in the side of the house. My english is not always good too.
    * marlies